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Harbour Werks Alliance Pte Ltd

Harbour Werks Alliance Pte Ltd (HWA) offers its clients quality integrated commercial diving services , with the assurances of ISO 9001 & 45001 and registered diving contractors with the Workplace Health & Safety (WSH) BizStar certification.

Our in-house diving team are highly qualified and experienced and in compliance to SS 511:2018 Code of practice for Diving Works. We carefully plan each job basis location and scope of work for performance orientated method statement (MS), risk assessment (RA) and Dive /Safety plans.

Our Values

Being different and doing business with personality in a conservative marine industry drives us. We VALUE Teamwork, Ownership, and Improvement.

Our Vision

To continuously improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our quality system in today’s competitive market leaving no room for error. Meeting customers’ needs and relentlessly looking for new ways and solutions in exceeding their expectations. Quality has become part of Harbour Werks Alliance culture.

Work Process

Major Work Brief

We are a total service provider with very experienced staff whom are able to meet your requirements with very attractive rates and fast turnaround of your vessels.

Underwater Works Marine / Construction Diving
Fuel Transfer Service
Logistics Support to HSP for Naval Fleet
Rental of Marine Equipment